Bands & Associations

List of active bands and associations from Luxembourg rooted in (or strongly related to) Metal, Hardcore, Punk, Hard Rock.
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Attitude MusicFacebook, Instagram
Éisleker Metal FrënnFacebook, Instagram
Rotten StonesFacebook
Shadow’s NightFacebook
The Schalltot CollectiveFacebook
1969 PromotionsFacebook


Abstract RaptureThrash/Death MetalFacebook, Bandcamp, YouTube
Arduinna’s DawnSymphonic MetalFacebook, Instagram, YouTube, Web
ArgonHardcore/Screamo/Post RockFacebook, Instagram, Bandcamp, YouTube
ArkaeonDeathcoreFacebook, YouTube
ArkenHeavy MetalFacebook, Instagram, YouTube, Web
AsathorBlack/Death MetalFacebook, Bandcamp, YouTube
Atomic Rocket SeedersRock/MetalFacebook, Instagram, YouTube, Web
Blanket HillHardcoreFacebook, Instagram, Bandcamp, YouTube
BleakBlack MetalFacebook, Bandcamp
Calypso’s CallNu MetalFacebook
CosmogonGroove/Thrash MetalFacebook, Bandcamp
De Pascal vu WooltzAcoustic PunkFacebook, Instagram, Web
Der DäiwelCrossover/Rap ‘n RollFacebook, Instagram, YouTube, Web
DesdemoniaDeath MetalFacebook, Instagram, Bandcamp, YouTube, Web
DreadnoughtBlack/Thrash MetalFacebook, Bandcamp, YouTube
EchosexDolphin MetalFacebook, Instagram, YouTube
Elysian GatesSymphonic MetalFacebook, Bandcamp, Web
Fallen LiesPower/Hard RockFacebook, Instagram, YouTube
Falling SerenadeHardcoreFacebook
FawldeerMetal-influenced ElectronicaFacebook, Instagram, YouTube
FeradurMelodic Death MetalFacebook, Instagram, Bandcamp, YouTube
ForgeDoom/Heavy RockFacebook, Bandcamp
Fusion BombThrash MetalFacebook, Instagram, Bandcamp, YouTube
Ghost NoisePunk/Post HardcoreFacebook, Instagram
HallimaschBeer PunkFacebook
Heartbeat ParadePost HardcoreFacebook, Instagram
hopeScureProgressive MetalFacebook, Instagram, Bandcamp, YouTube
Inhuman RampageMetal/DeathcoreFacebook, Instagram
InzestBlack MetalFacebook, Bandcamp, YouTube
Judasz & NahimanaDark Ambient/DroneFacebook, Instagram
Kaiju UltraHardcoreFacebook, Bandcamp
KitshickersPost Rock/MetalFacebook, Instagram, Bandcamp, Web
KratonDeath MetalFacebook, Instagram, Bandcamp, YouTube, Web
Legacy of AtlasAlternative MetalcoreFacebook, Instagram, YouTube, Web
Lost in PainHeavy/Thrash MetalFacebook, Instagram, Web
Lunar AeonModern MetalFacebook, Instagram, YouTube
LuxiferRock/Punk/MetalInstagram, YouTube, Bandcamp, SoundCloud
Mean to YouElectronic/Alternative/MetalFacebook, Instagram, Bandcamp, YouTube
Mike Litoris ComplotBrutal Death/GrindcoreFacebook, YouTube
Miles to PerditionModern Death MetalFacebook, Instagram, YouTube, Web
MindpatrolProgressive MetalFacebook, Instagram, YouTube, Web
MoofHard RockFacebook, YouTube, Web
No OstrichesProgressive MetalBandcamp
Not for $aleHardcore PunkFacebook, Bandcamp
Office of WeirdNoise Rock/Post PunkFacebook, Instagram
ParityModern MetalFacebook, Instagram, YouTube
PetrogradPunk Rock
Pike PilotsSkate Surf PunkFacebook
PleasingPost RockFacebook, Instagram, YouTube
PraetorThrash MetalFacebook, Instagram, Bandcamp, YouTube
PtolemeaGrunge/Alternative RockFacebook, Instagram
Règlement de ComptesHardcore PunkFacebook, Bandcamp, YouTube
Romance is DeadMetalcoreFacebook, Instagram
Scarlet AngerThrash MetalFacebook, Instagram, Web
ScarredDeath/Thrash MetalFacebook, Instagram, YouTube, Web
Serpent BiteHeavy Metal/Hard RockFacebook, Instagram, YouTube
ShadoWhisperSSymphonic MetalFacebook, Web
Sleepers’ GuiltMelodic Death MetalFacebook, Bandcamp, YouTube, Web
SublindThrash MetalFacebook, Instagram, YouTube, Web
SuffocateMetal/HardcoreFacebook, Instagram
TëschegasMinette MetalFacebook, Instagram, Web
The BarcodesDirty Savage Rock’n’RollFacebook, SoundCloud
The Majestic Unicorns from HellHeavy RockFacebook, Bandcamp
The VelvetClassic/Heavy RockFacebook, Instagram, YouTube
TheophagistDeath MetalFacebook, Instagram, Bandcamp, YouTube, Web
Thousand LakesHeavy MetalFacebook, Web
Versus YouPunk RockFacebook, Instagram, Bandcamp
WeakonstructionPunk RockFacebook, Instagram
We Knew John DoeMetalcoreFacebook
White NoiseAlternative RockFacebook, Instagram, YouTube, Web
ZiroccoMetal/Rock/PunkFacebook, Instagram