Dreadnought (26.08.2021)

You recently announced the release of a new album and already shared one of the songs called “Ritual of Erosion”. When did you start writing for this album and what themes are you bringing into it?
The writing for the new album started more or less when Dr. Doom, the former songwriter, left the band four years ago. Some songs were ready ever since, others were written relatively recently. With the arrival of Pastor, the new album began to take a more tangible form since he wrote new lyrics, also to songs which existed already. The themes are pretty standard for the genre, death, (anti-) religion, sex. Musically, the search for a combination of atmosphere without losing a certain catchiness were key.

What are the differences in songwriting in regards to your previous releases „Demon” and „Vanitas”?
In regards to songwriting, the main difference is the master songwriter, Inquisitor. He has a very straightforward approach to writing, which never loses focus on the main song structure while every band member still gives their input to the final song. But for the song “Threshold” for example, the main songwriting originated from Lynx.

Where did you record “Ritual of Erosion” and was it any different to your other releases or was the process the same?
The drums were recorded at Unison Studios in Differdange, and guitars, bass and vocals were recorded in the rehearsal room. The big difference from earlier recordings is that Miguel Teixeira Sousa from Fusion Bomb supervised it all, both in the studio and in the rehearsal room. Furthermore, Miguel mixed and mastered everything, so that the whole outcome has his signature and a very professional feel, with which we are very satisfied.

What comes first, text or music? Do the lyrics enable you to write a fitting riff or do the riffs inspire the lyrics?
Both the lyrics and the music are usually about 80% ready, independent from each other, when we hit the rehearsal room. Then, by trying different stuff out and adapting, emerges the complete song

You’ve had some lineup changes in the past. How did it affect the band?
Speaking of lineup changes, you can say that Lynx (guitar) and Panzerfaust (drums) are the steady pillars, the foundation upon which Dreadnought is based. This isn‘t to say that the other band members don‘t have a say, but they are a guarantee that the spirit stays the same.

Can you lead us through the history of the band, from founding it until today?
The band has been founded in 2006 and has continuously been active ever since. The line-up changes slowed down the ascension to the black metal Olymp, but the climb never stops! (Lulz) But seriously, every band knows the struggle of line-up changes, forced ones and surprising ones, they are part of the game and it doesn’t make sense to list them all at this point, it’s enough to say that there were quite a few. We were and are still there, first for our own fun but also for the entertainment of the crowd. We are proud to say that in our actual constellation we are a real team, on every level, in spirit, friendship, and music.

What are your plans for the future?
First, we want to promote the new album and play some gigs, preferably both in Luxembourg and in the neighboring countries. Then, since there are already new songs, our goal is that the time until the next record is a bit shorter than the time between Demon an PTTU (9 years!). But we are in no hurry.

Concluding words?
Since there is no „Thank you“ list on the CD, this would be a good moment to thank all the people who were involved, directly or indirectly, in making the album. You know who you are, and you rule!

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