Kaméidi (25.07.2021)

Tell us a bit about yourselves and how did you meet?
We are Gilles and Pit, two friends who would describe ourselves as big music lovers, mostly metal. We’ve known each other since high school, so almost 20 years now. Our common taste in music came a few years later though. Gilles is a musician himself and at that time he was already listening to genres like power metal or occasionally death and black metal, which were not my cup of tea at that time. I preferred listening to alternative metal, grunge or psychedelic rock. It was only a few years later that I developed a love for more extreme music. Since then, we have discovered a lot in the metal world and have always shown each other new genres or bands.

What kickstarted the idea of doing a podcast about metal music?
Since we have a lot opinions about the topic, the idea to start a metal podcast came quite early. However, nothing ever came of it, partly because we couldn’t find the time and partly because we were simply too lazy. During the first lockdown in 2020, the idea came up again and since we had nothing else to do during this time anyway, we wanted to create something productive. Within a week, we got some material, informed ourselves about the necessary stuff and were able to get started.

Why did you choose to do the podcast in Luxembourgish?
In the beginning, that was also an important question for us, we didn’t really know whether we should do it in English or Luxembourgish. We finally decided to do it in Luxembourgish, because we wanted to make it accessible for our local listeners and also because we wanted to respond to our local metal scene. We accepted the disadvantage that our audience would remain smaller.Our posts on social media (Instagram, Facebook) are mostly in English but the podcast will remain in Luxembourgish.

There are a few metal radio shows in Luxembourg but you might just be the first podcast that releases regular content in our small country. Where do you see yourself in regards to those already existing shows?
Radio shows have the advantage that they can play music and the talking time is usually kept short. A podcast is just talking, we just try to be ourselves and make it a bit funny and interesting. We found out that there was nothing like this in Luxembourg and we just wanted to share our passion for the music. At the beginning we didn’t know if it would be popular but we just wanted to try. Social media helped us to build up something and so we developed a small audience that remains constant and even grows, which makes us proud.

What is your mission that you set for yourselves?
We want to share our love for metal and maybe broaden the horizon for others and introduce new bands. Maybe even make metal more enjoyable to others in the first place. But what is most important to us is to support our local bands. Both of us were not up to date with the Luxembourgish metal scene at the beginning of the podcast, so I’m glad that we started the project and could discover how many different bands there are in our country. That’s why we had planned to do a kind of “interview” with bands that are interested in us, which has already worked out a few times. Such episodes are always very interesting for us, for the listeners and also for the band members themselves.

Are there any specific local bands that you are looking forward to seeing live again?
Absolutely! A lot has happened in our country in the last 2 years. Many songs, EPs and albums have been released. First and foremost Scarred and Miles To Perdition but we are also looking forward to Feradur, Parity, Asathor, Mindpatrol, Legacy of Atlas and many more.

Do you have any goals for the future concerning your podcast?
I think it is safe to say that naturally we want to evolve, try out different things in terms of spreading the metal scene across our podcast but at the same time we want to keep it as real and organic as we can. Meaning it doesn’t have to be perfect as long as we consider it enjoyable and entertaining and just go with the flow.

Concluding words?
The worldwide metal scene is evolving constantly and so is the local one. As long as there will be metal made in Luxembourg, we will be there to spread its glory.

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