Welcome to the new homepage of the EarthBound Collective a.s.b.l!

We hear yourself asking: “what is this about and who are these guys?” Let’s begin here: Extreme music made in Luxembourg (encompassing Metal, Hardcore and Hard Rock in all its variants) has a lot of potential and we as an association want to support the local scene.

We try to do this by pooling the experiences we collected with our own respective bands and want to actively reach out to other local actors. One aspect is the organising of quality gigs by inviting bands from the Greater Region (and beyond) to play here in Luxembourg together with the locals and to potentially set up new transborder connections. Another part is the attempt to channel the news flow about local bands and events a bit better.

Finally, we got the plan to do live online streams in the foreseeable future, covering discussion topics that stem from or relate to activity in the luxembourgish extreme music scene.

We hope that we can make this work. A lot of this also depends on feedback and active participation coming from the local scene.

Looking forward to the first live events after COVID-19 has released the world from its claws!

And this is who we are: